Improve through innovation and collaboration

A Leading Global Supplier of Recycled Polyester Fiber

Improve through innovation and collaboration

Improve through innovation and collaboration

Improve through innovation and collaboration

Improve through innovation and collaboration

Sustainable Sourcing. Quality Product. Reliable Supply

The Largest Recycled Solid Polyester Fiber Manufacturer in Indonesia

Customized Product

PT.ecofiber products are used by highly recognized brands in automotive, hygiene, construction and home furniture applications. We work with our partners to develop fibers tailored for their products.

Quality Assurance

PT.ecofiber’s industry leading manufacturing process is ISO9001 certified. The strict quality control and assurance program guarantees consistent products. Please refer to our list of certifications for more detail.

Research and Development

PT.ecofiber’s in-house and joint research and development programs continue to improve the product quality and expand the areas of applications. The results are reflected in fiber quality and the ever-growing new product lines.


Our fiber is made of 100% recycled post-consumer or industrial plastic.

Ethical Sourcing

Polyester plastic minimizes carbon footprint in our product lifecycle .

Consistent Quality

PT.ecofiber’s industry leading manufacturing process produce consistent fibers.

Global Supply

We supply to 12 countries for an ever-growing list of applications.

Not sure which fiber best fits your product design?

About Us

Founded in 2009, PT.ecofiber and its sister company PT.Hansung Fiber have grown into the largest solid recycled polyester manufacturer in Indonesia. PT.ecofiber turns post-consumer plastics such as beverage bottles, egg cartons, and other industrial waste into high quality polyester fibers. The ISO9001 certified facility has the complete production line that sorts, cleans, and produces fiber as a raw material. Everyday, the employees are proud to go to work, producing sustainable and ethically sourced recycled materials. PT.ecofiber products are found in a wide range of applications and in day-to-day life.

Through innovation and hard work, we collaborate with our industrial partners to produce a wide range of environmentally responsible products. We look forward to continuing the innovation tradition with companies of different sizes from anywhere in the world.




Why use PT.ecofiber?

PT.ecofiber is made of 100% recycled materials. Including PT.ecofiber in the product reduces the environmental impact while maintaining a high quality.

Is it PT.ecofiber safe?

PT.ecofiber is free of harmful substance and meets Oeko-Text standard 100.

Where are the waste plastic sourced?

PT.ecofiber locally source waste plastics to minimize the carbon footprint and to ensure a consistent supply.

Would fiber material vary between batches?

PT.ecofiber’s proprietary process ensures consistency for every batch.